HISTORIC GLASS - We're here for you :-)

Welcome to the catalog with replicas of historical glass. Replicas of historical glass (forest glass, historical goblets, gift glass) from our production you can order glasses in four colors namely green, smog (smoke), blue and clear.


Replicas of historical glass (forest glass) from our glassworks faithfully preserve the character and all the properties of historic glass and are available today, so users with extraordinary experience in its use. We are trying to revive after several centuries of hand-craft called. "Forest glass" or "green glass" - mainly replicas of Gothic and Renaissance glass. We believe that historical glass attracts and enchants you. Its uniqueness appreciate the practical use .Repliky historic glass custom - in the case of interest and interesting volume of orders we can based on your pattern to produce a replica for you. . Historical blown glass (forest glass) - we produce for you since 2010. We believe that our replicas of historic glass captivate you. Our offer can be viewed in the Catalog replicas of historical glass


HISTORIC GLASS - we are here for you :-)